Tuesday, December 7, 2010

53 Week Lead Time @#$#@$#@ for a Mosfet #$%#@@

Wow it has been a while since my last post... my day job is getting in the way of my blogging :)

Work has been crazy busy lately; which is a good thing! As our orders have been coming in, the headaches of the current state of the electronics supply chain has tested my patients. Components that I never thought would ever give me grief (Resistors, Mosfets, Tantulum Caps) are having these ridiculous lead times.... Fairchild Semiconductor, my once go to manufacturer for parts that were always in stock at some distributor, is now on my naughty list along with Vishay and every Tantalum Capacitor manufacturer imaginable.

It will be interesting to see how Fairchild and the other companies that are having such ludicrous part shortages pan out once things stabilize, because I like many other EE's have been spending my days and nights crossing parts.

Well back to work.... I have to find a cross for a 237K 1% 15ppm resistor that is shutting down our production line. A < $0.05 part preventing a thousand dollar piece of instrumentation from shipping; what a market we live in today!

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