Friday, July 8, 2011

Ridiculously Simple Arduino LCD Clock

Well I got my Arduino Uno board a month or so ago and I've been dying to build up a quick project. I already got my Parallax Serial 16x2 Character LCD up and running, so I thought a simple add-on would be a basic Real-Time-Clock. The Dallas/Maxim DS1307 is a 5V I2C based RTC that looked pretty popular.

I soldered up the DS1307 to an Ardunio proto board and placed a CR2032 Coincell holder on the bottom. It fits nicely in between the boards when they are stacked.

(Schematic from

A quick search on Google brought me to Maurice's software and a cut and paste later with a few LCD tweaks I had a working Arduino LCD Clock. Too simple; this literally took me less than 30mins to throw together.... I did this over a lunch hour and still had plenty of time to finish my sandwich :-)

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  1. hahaha what! what a nice LCD clock! Does Arduino have more ideas likes this one?