Saturday, August 6, 2011

Arduino Uno Clock and Temperature Monitor with LCD

The past month or so I've been playing with the Maxim DS1307 Real-Time-Clock and DS1621 Temperature Sensor ICs. I hooked them up to an Arduino Uno board with a Parallax Serial 16x2 Character LCD. I got both ICs working in separate sketches that I've blogged about previously, but I wanted one combined program.

Below is the result:

I cleaned up my code/sketch and you can download it here.

The hardware implementation is really simple since both ICs communicate to the Arduino via the 2-wire I2C port; only 5 connections are needed to the Arduino (+5V, GND, SCL [A5], SDA [A4], and TX [1])

I have the orange wire & LED hooked to the SDA line, just for debug.... I can see the light flicker when communication is happening to the ICs. The CR2032 battery & holder is actually soldered to the underside of the protoboard and fits nicely in between the boards when stacked.
I am pretty happy with how this project turned out; it was a great introduction to the Arduino for me.


  1. Another great clock from Arduino! he always impress me with his stuff.

  2. Does your code for the RTC sync with a time server?

  3. Can't download the sketch from divshare... Why don't link it here directly?