Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Old School Display Hacking Going On!

I promise this will be my last Temperature Sensor & RTC Arduino mod post, but I love how Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD) look and I had one just sitting at the bottom of my junk box waiting to get new life breathed into it.

This Noritake GU112x16G-7000 is a 16x2 Serial (RS232) Display and it just needed a little mod to get it working with my existing Arduino Uno setup. This VFD display expects a serial RS232 input, so I just added a single npn BJT inverter to the back of the display and I was able to get this working with just the Arduino's TX pin.
One thing to note is this VFD display is a bit power hungry and gives off a fair amount of heat, so mounting a DS1621 temperature senor undernieth it, probably wasn't the smartest thing I should have done.

Anyway, just a bit of Old School Display hacking... I need to get my Nixie Tube display all lit up next :P

Here is a link to my code.

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