Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sword of Omens Hack

It is probably a good thing I have two little girls and no boys, because I have a little bit of an action figure toy fetish and I would go broke buying toys for me... I mean my boys if I had any. My downstairs office is covered with Starwars, Ironman, Thundercats, and Rambo action figures along with a vintage A-Team Mr. T. action figure I am pretty proud of :)

I just recently bought a Thundercats Deluxe Sword of Omens from ebay and even though it is pretty cool, one draw back is only the Thundercats logo side of the sword lights up; the Eye of Tundera side just hangs out and doesn't do anything. I just had to fix that......

I tore open the sword and found the 47 ohm series resistor and LED that light up the one side of the sword and I just tapped off that and soldered on another Red LED and 47 ohm resistor on the other side. I drilled a hole on the other side of the plastic and glued in the LED underneath the Eye of Thundera.
Now that both sides of the sword light up I can now save Third Earth from Ancient Spirits of Evil!!!

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