Friday, September 2, 2011

7400 Logic Series Design Contest

I just found this 7400 series Design Contest.

Entries must be received by October 21, 2011, 6AM GMT. Winners will be announced on November 1, 2011.

Judging criteria and categories
Entries will be judged for:
  • Originality. A smart new design that inspires
  • Documentation. Schematics, theory, pictures and/or video
  • (Mis)use of 7400 logic. Show us what 7400 logic was (never) meant to do
  • Technical prowess
  • Build quality
  • Imagination and creativity

Looks like a lot of fun! Get your solding irons heated up! Below is a link to an ebay sellar that is selling 74HC00 Series Logic kits; a great place to get a bunch of parts for cheap.
Update: Sept. 7, 2011: Just got my 74HC parts, let the project building begin!

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  1. how to join this design contest? it would be so nice, please give me more details!