Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Fooling Around with Logic..... don't tell my Wife!

It's Friday night and my wife and girls (a 4year old and 20month old) are off visiting relatives and I am trying to work out some concepts for my entry into the Open 7400 Series Logic design competition.....

I thought I'd just start with the basics and work my way up. Every Logic based design needs a clock, so I started out building up a 1Hz Ring Oscillator with a 74HC04. (The LTSPICE Yahoo Groups had this great Ring Osc. circuit which I used as a starting point).
Then I thought using a 74HC90 BCD Counter to drive a 74LS47 BCD to seven segment driver would be a fun way to use a 1Hz clock.... pretty Digital Logic 101, but hey I need to start some where.

So here is the first "Brain Storming" part of my entry:

Much more circuitry and trickery to come before the deadline!

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  1. What a difficult work! Well at least you know your family is resting, however I wouldn't like to be in your position in this moment... to work at night is so tough.