Monday, September 5, 2011

Mounting my Arduino Clock

Alright I lied about not posting about my Arduino Uno based Clock/Temperature Sensor again, but this post is more about the enclosure than the guts. If you are interested in the guts check out my older post: Arduino-Uno-Clock-and-Temperature

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am addicted to mounting electronics in Altoids boxes. They are handy shielded enclosures that are the perfect size for most of my projects and are easy to modify with some sheet metal shears and a few drill bits. Also using these cases feeds my other addiction...... eating mints!

I made a small Dead Bug style PCB for the DS1307 & DS1621 that I soldered to the case; an easy way to keep it from moving around. I thought about putting a CR2032 battery holder in the box, but the battery backup should last greater than 5 years.... so I just soldered a couple wires to it and hot glued it to the lid. In 5 years I'll peel it off and solder up another one.

Now I have a very handy desk clock all mounted up and minty fresh!


  1. Do you know this amazing clock project ?

    Can we do it with an arduino ?

    Lauro -

  2. Lauro,

    Thanks for posting that link. That Simpson Multimeter clock is great! Yeah I think an Arduino would work, you just have to use the PWM outputs to create a DC voltage or Current to control the analog meters.